I've been writing code since a very early age and have been obsessed with computers since I could crawl towards them.

Although several of my roles have been LAMP-based I do not call myself a "PHP developer" - I believe a good programmer can turn their hand to any language and that upfront knowledge of any particular language or technology is much less valuable than the ability to quickly learn, adapt and pick up new skills. Much of my free time is spent hacking in other languages, such as Arduino C, Ruby and Python.

I enjoy working very hard and getting lots of work done to a high standard. I want to work with people who aspire to excellence, are constantly working to improve themselves and seek to delight their customers. I enjoy working with new and cutting-edge technologies and am passionate about automation and obsessive about efficiency.

I love learning and am always interested in exploring new technologies, languages and methodologies.

I am a huge fan of David Allen's Getting Things Done(tm) workflow and try to implement it throughout as much of my life as possible.