Minotaur, Fanotaur and Excavataur

31 Jan 2018 08:53 | cryptocurrency | mining

I have released three cryptocurrency mining projects:

- Fanotaur: independently monitors Nvidia card temperatures and regulates fan
  speeds to keep them at a preset temperature.

- Minotaur: derives calibrated hashrates and power limits from your devices for
  various crypto algorithms so as to get the maximum hashrate with the lowest
  power limit. Monitors Nicehash market prices every 15s and ensures your
  devices are always mining the most profitable algorithm. Has a sexy top-style
  ncurses interface for monitoring and supports multiple miners.

- Excavataur: shim that provides an Excavator style API so that Minotaur can
  talk to multiple mining tools via a unified interface.

We have great things planned for Minotaur!