Cylance local protection seems a bit daft

25 Jul 2019 19:14 | macOS | security

On a mac if you set Cylance's "local protection" to "system" it seems to
disallow all filesystem access to the CylanceSvc service's launchd plist file:


This access is completely denied even to the root user. At first glance this
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The real reason your iCloud Drive isn't syncing

9 Jul 2019 18:34 | apple | macOS

I recently had the logic board replaced in my 2017 Macbook Pro. I use the
awesome Carbon Copy Cloner to keep an image of my system as a bootable backup
which can then be easily restored when the machine is returned to me.

This time however I had some issues with iCloud Drive. After restoring the
backup I found it wasn't syncing. I tried the usual troubleshooting steps: turn
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