Gangsta Lean ruby web framework

18 Aug 2015 22:22 | ruby | development

When I started building my new website, I didn't want to be boring and just use
rails so I decided to write my work super-lightweight ruby web framework.

It's powering this website but is quite basic and rough so probably shouldn't
be used by anyone.

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TVFeed and TransmissionNG

18 Aug 2015 22:17 | ruby | development

I've written a couple of ruby gems that people might find useful..

tvfeed -

A gem designed to provide a feed of new TV episodes as magnet links from
torrent sites. This is offered purely for research purposes and should suit
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strace for mac

18 Jun 2015 08:55 | development | macOS

strace is really useful on Linux for figuring out why some program isn't doing
what it should.

Not sure how many people know this but you can do the same thing on darwin
using dtruss, it's just no quite so obvious.  Using this script:

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Symfony 2 is kind of ok

18 Jun 2015 08:04 | php | development

As PHP frameworks go, Symfony 2 isn't entirely terrible.  Before this project
it had been a while since I used Symfony, and back then it was still on version
1.something.  These days it's kinda cool, allows easy use of popular design
patterns and doctrine works reasonably well.

There are some things I find frustrating though, often you spend more time
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PHP just sucks and there's no getting around it

15 Jun 2015 11:12 | php | development

There are many reasons why PHP is a shit programming language, many of which
are discussed at length in this article:

But the main thing that bugs me is how inelegant it is.  You can get things
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