How to use touchID for sudo remotely over ssh

18 Apr 2020 14:25 | macOS | security | touchID

TouchID on the mac is really cool. It's awesome being able to use it for sudo,
but I thought it would be even more awesome if it could be used to authenticate
sudo remotely over ssh.

I've made this work using touch2sudo -
which is a simple binary that when executed will show a touchID authentication
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2020 Macbook Air: Carbon Copy Cloner vs the T2 chip

18 Apr 2020 11:53 | macOS

I love Carbon Copy Cloner, it is an awesome piece of software. I frequently rave
about it to anyone who'll listen, it's so useful.

It does however seem to have been somewhat limited by the introduction of
Apple's new T2 security chip. I recently purchased one of the new 2020 Macbook
Airs - a great computer and my first mac with the T2 chip.
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