Restricting macOS egress with LuLu and Squid proxy

10 Feb 2022 20:55 | apple | macOS | security

Egress filtering is an immensely powerful security control but it's not so
straightforward to do it well. If any malware manages to execute on your system
one of the first things it's likely going to try to do is call home and
establish a C2 channel. With effective egress filtering you can break this link
in the attack chain and stop it dead in its tracks.

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Unlocking iOS devices with a Yubikey

8 Jul 2021 20:53 | apple | iOS

I love Yubikeys, they provide a very strong second factor for accounts and
services that you care a lot about. I use them for all kinds of things but one
thing I was quite excited to try was the Yubikey 5ci in static password mode.

Static password mode simply acts as a virtual keyboard, playing back a static
sequence of characters over the connected interface (usually USB). I wasn't
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The real reason your iCloud Drive isn't syncing

9 Jul 2019 18:34 | apple | macOS

I recently had the logic board replaced in my 2017 Macbook Pro. I use the
awesome Carbon Copy Cloner to keep an image of my system as a bootable backup
which can then be easily restored when the machine is returned to me.

This time however I had some issues with iCloud Drive. After restoring the
backup I found it wasn't syncing. I tried the usual troubleshooting steps: turn
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2016-17 Macbook Pro keyboard recall

4 May 2018 07:38 | apple

Somebody started a petition asking Apple to recall the 2016 (and presumably
2017 since they're basically the same) macbook pros and fit them with a
keyboard "that works":

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Tethery - bypass iOS tethering restrictions

12 Nov 2015 12:28 | apple | iOS

I decided to roll my tethering bypass idea into a script to make it easy to

This script automates the fiddly configuration bits and gives you a quick way
to throw up a proxy that will bypass tethering restrictions on iOS.

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How to bypass tethering restrictions on iOS

24 Oct 2015 11:26 | apple | iOS

It's often annoying that Apple lets carriers disable tethering at will,
especially when the carrier has already sold you "unlimited" data.  Three allow
free data when roaming in "feel at home" countries but they don't allow
tethering at all, even if you're willing to pay for it.

After being irritated by these restrictions on several holidays I decided to
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Siri in the car is awesome

15 Oct 2015 22:11 | apple | iOS

I've always been fairly cynical about Siri.  It seemed more like a gimmick than
something people would use seriously in their day to day lives, but I've
recently discovered how wrong I was.

I don't have a CarPlay stereo in my car, because I didn't want to be tied into
Apple's apps.  Maps is nowhere near as good as TomTom (which I also paid good
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How to do a fresh installation of iOS 9 without losing data

31 Aug 2015 22:23 | apple | iOS

Despite Apple's best efforts, there are nearly always a number of users who
experience issues after a major iOS update.  Users might experience crashes,
unusually high battery drain, slowness etc etc.

Whenever I upgrade to a major iOS release I usually do a fresh reinstall of
iOS.  Although Apple provides no official way to do this without losing all of
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Apple Music is not worthy of the Apple brand

1 Jul 2015 16:53 | apple

I wanted to like Apple Music, I really really did.  I never really got into
Spotify but the hassle of finding new music is a constant problem for me.  As
you can see from my music page on this very website, I go through music at a
crazy rate.  I've bought over 1500 songs from iTunes over the last few years
and only around 266 are still in my playlist.  Finding new music that I like is
a constant struggle and I generally resort to scraping sites like,
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Smart playlists are too smart for iTunes Match

30 Jun 2015 21:07 | apple

This has been driving me nuts for months and I finally figured it out - smart
playlists break iTunes Match.

I have a smart playlist simply called "Music" which is configured as:

Match all of:<br/>
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