How to bypass tethering restrictions on iOS

24 Oct 2015 11:26 | apple | iOS

It's often annoying that Apple lets carriers disable tethering at will,
especially when the carrier has already sold you "unlimited" data.  Three allow
free data when roaming in "feel at home" countries but they don't allow
tethering at all, even if you're willing to pay for it.

After being irritated by these restrictions on several holidays I decided to
fix the problem once and for all.

Turns out it's really simple, you can just create an ad-hoc wifi network
between your iphone and computer, use vSSH to connect to a remote server and
spawn a local socks5 proxy, then use Proxifier on the mac to route all the
traffic over the proxy.

This works even if "personal hotspot" isn't available and has the added bonus
of completely hiding the fact that you're tethering from the carrier, as all
they can see is the ssh traffic, so they can't bill you separately for the
tethering data. :)