Siri in the car is awesome

15 Oct 2015 22:11 | apple | iOS

I've always been fairly cynical about Siri.  It seemed more like a gimmick than
something people would use seriously in their day to day lives, but I've
recently discovered how wrong I was.

I don't have a CarPlay stereo in my car, because I didn't want to be tied into
Apple's apps.  Maps is nowhere near as good as TomTom (which I also paid good
money for) and TomTom doesn't yet have Siri integration.  But I never even
considered that Siri would work with non-CarPlay stereos.  Turns out, as my
friend and colleague Paul mentioned to me in passing, that it does.  I have a
Kenwood aftermarket stereo and if I hold the Call button on the unit, it
activates Siri.

It seems to know I'm in the car, so lots of potentially useful requests are
denied with "Sorry Mark, I can't do that while you're in the car", which is a
bit annoying, but on the whole it's very useful.  Things that work include:

- Playing music (playlists, songs etc)
- Playing podcasts (only works with the official Podcasts app)
- Switching between music and podcasts
- Reading emails/messages
- Sending emails/messages
- Setting reminders
- Navigation (but only with apple maps)
- Making calls

Just the ability to set reminders while I'm driving, or text my wife when I'm
nearly home, is magical.